Our Mission

D’Gymnastique Academy (DGA) was first established on 24th March 2014 due to the Founder’s passion for Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) and Dance. The company aims to provide the resources to support this sport in Singapore by bringing in leotards and apparatus, with the vision to "Inspire, Nurture & Create". On 1st July 2018, DGA organized an Open House to commemorate the official start of our programs.


At DGA, various genres of dance such as ballet and contemporary are highlighted because having a good dance background is fundamental in this sport. In addition, DGA is proud to be the first Academy in Singapore to offer Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in Singapore. AGG is reminiscent of RG, but there are some significant differences: in AGG, the emphasis is on big and continuous body movement and the teams are larger, consisting of 6-10 individuals.


DGA hopes to spread the love for Gymnastics and Dance to all who share the same passion :)