Coach Shannon

Shannon is one of the pioneer coaches who started her coaching journey with DGA back in 2015 at the age of 16. On top of her Rhythmic Gymnastics experience, she is also a versatile dancer who is trained in Chinese dance, Ballet and Jazz. Shannon is a valuable member of the team, holding full NROC and MOE Certification (she has been coaching at PLMGS Sec and Westwood Pri with Coach Cecilia since 2020).


In addition, Shannon attained RG National Level 1 Judge in 2017 (Judged at National Championships 2019 & 2020) as well as AGG International Level 3 Judge in 2019 (Judged in Dubai for DuGym Cup 2019). She is now an experienced RG & AGG Coach who has travelled with Team DGA to numerous local and overseas competitions.


Having been with DGA for the last 7 years, Shannon firmly believes that every little effort and improvement deserves to be praised. She hopes to follow through with her gymnasts in their journey of growth and be there to celebrate every little milestone with them. Her motto is: Every girl is special and talented in their own way.