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Coach Arisa

Arisa began coaching at DGA in 2018, and is currently the President of AGG Association Singapore. She is also an international AGG Judge and actively seeks growth as a coach in all areas, including attaining the KinderGym certification. Despite the constraints of a full-time job, Arisa consistently dedicates her time and energy because she is deeply passionate about gymnastics and teaching.


Arisa firmly believes in helping each gymnast grow, no matter how and when they start their journey. Over the years, Arisa had drawn inspirations from her fellow coaches and gymnasts, as well as her background in ballet. She believes that coaching is not just about being able to do a routine, but being part of the gymnast's growth journey, building skills, confidence, and resilience.


Arisa believes that everyone has their unique strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. But ultimately, she hopes to inculcate a growth mindset for all her gymnasts. Not all competitions would go as planned, but we can always pick ourselves up again, and keep growing and progressing towards mastery.

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