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Terms & Conditions

DGA Rhythmix Pte. Ltd. operates a gymnastics and dance training academy under the name of “D’Gymnastique Academy” in Singapore (hereinafter also referred to as “DGA”). Your child’s enrolment at DGA is subjected to the Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) as listed below. These Terms and Conditions may be amended, supplemented and varied by DGA from time to time. 

1. Introduction

These T&Cs are laid out in order for DGA to carry out its operations effectively and efficiently. Upon enrolment into DGA, you hereby agree to the T&Cs as set out below.


2. Term Period

Our programme is structured as 5 Terms per year.

The Term dates for the year 2024 are as follows:

Term A: 2 Jan - 10 Mar

Term B: 18 Mar - 19 May

Term C: 20 May - 29 Jul

Term D: 30 Jul - 7 Oct

Term E: 8 Oct - 23 Dec

Term breaks will be announced prior to commencement of the term.

The Term break for 2024 is from 24 - 31 Dec.


3. Fee Structure

i.     Non-refundable Registration Fee: $80 (excluding GST) per student.


ii.     Fees per Term will be as per published and disseminated by DGA (“Term Fee”) in the form of a term newsletter (“Term Newsletter”). Term Fee is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable across students.


iii.     There will be no pro-rated fee for the Term Fee paid, even if the student has valid reason(s) for missing the scheduled training(s). Please refer to our Makeup Training Policy. 


iv.     Discounts: DGA may offer discounts to students at its sole discretion. Such discounts would be reflected in the Term Newsletter.  


v.     Unlimited sessions: Students who would like to attend unlimited sessions per term will pay a flat rate per term (“Flat Rate Term Fee”). DGA may allow students to pay such Flat Rate Term Fee in equal monthly installments at its sole discretion. 


vi.     The Term Fee shall be paid in advance prior to the commencement of the said Term or paid within one week of receiving the invoice, whichever is earlier. DGA reserves the right to disallow students from attending training if payment for the Term Fee is not received in full.


vii.     DGA reserves the right to change/replace the coach/instructor to any of the scheduled classes. 


viii.     DGA reserves the right to cancel a class for any of the scheduled classes. In the event that DGA cancels a class due to unforeseen circumstances, an alternative makeup session will be offered.  


ix.     DGA reserves the right to amend the Registration Fee and/or Term Fee at any time. Such changes will be reflected in the Term Newsletter in advance.


4. Public Holidays/Term Break

There will usually be no classes scheduled on public holidays as gazetted by the Ministry of Manpower and also term breaks as set out by DGA. Kindly refer to the Term Newsletter for the Calendar for more details.

5. Make-up Class Policy

i.     In the event the student fails to attend a class with a valid reason, DGA may at its sole discretion and goodwill, allow the student to make-up the missed lesson by attending another on-going class during the Term, subject to availability and suitability. Such make-up classes must be approved by our DGA admin beforehand. There shall be no further make-up classes offered in the event that the student misses the originally scheduled make-up class. 

ii.     Each student is only limited to one make-up class per Term. If a student misses more than one scheduled class, no refunds will be given.

ii.     Students who miss the last class of the Term with a valid reason may be offered a make-up class in the new Term, at DGA’s sole discretion. 

6. Class Conduct & Guidelines

i.     All students are expected to treat their assigned Coaches with respect and obey their instructions during the entire duration of the class. In the event that there is misconduct by any student, such as rude and inappropriate behavior and/or comments to the Coaches, DGA may issue a verbal/written warning to the student accordingly. Repeat offenders may be expelled from DGA, at DGA’s sole discretion.  


ii.     All students must wear the DGA training top or DGA T-shirt during their classes with black tights or shorts. Training attire from other gymnastics clubs is strictly not allowed. 


iii.     Hair must be tied in a neat bun or ponytail for class. 


iv.     Please understand that all parents are not allowed into the training hall during class unless they are accompanying a student (below 5 years of age) for their first trial class.  


7. Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

i.    Parents are not to drop your child off prior to class commencement time, as coach supervision in the school will only commence from the start time of your child’s class.


ii.     Please arrange for your child to be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the class’s scheduled end time as the Coaches have to leave the premises for their next classes. 


8. Notice of Withdrawal

i.     Where a student intends to withdraw from any classes during the Term, kindly reach out to DGA admin to obtain the Withdrawal Form one (1) month prior to the end of the Term. For the avoidance of any doubt, there will be no refund of the Term Fee for the remaining classes. 


ii.    Students who have given notice to withdraw from DGA will no longer be eligible for any special fee arrangements that were previously allowed, such as installments or partial payment of the Term Fee. In such cases, all balance amounts for the Term Fee shall be due and payable immediately to DGA. Examples of students on installment plans include students who pay the Flat Rate Term Fee. Examples of students who made partial payments include students who are on long term overseas travel and major examination breaks. 

9. Sick Child Policy

i.     DGA follows strictly the MOE directive, whereby if your child develops a fever during class, or is found to have a runny nose, or is suspected to have caught any forms of infections illnesses (eg. HFMD, Chicken Pox, etc), the child will be prohibited from joining the class and parents will be notified to take the child home immediately.


ii.     DGA reserves the right not to admit into the class any sick students who are sent in by the parents despite being observed to be well. 


iii.     If your child has caught or is suspected to have caught an infectious disease, please kindly alert DGA as soon as you know, so that action can be taken immediately to prevent the spreading of the disease. Students returning from an infectious illness need to have the certified doctor’s clearance notes to return to classes at DGA.


iv.     Medical certificates must accompany absences due to illnesses. DGA will also appreciate a phone call / message to DGA Admin if your child is unable to attend class.

10. Force Majeure Events 

In the event of any force majeure events, such as Covid-19 and other pandemics, DGA reserves the right to implement safe distancing measures, as necessary, and change the class sizes and timings accordingly. DGA may also make alternative arrangements for the scheduled classes, including the conduct of classes via video conferencing tools, such as Zoom meetings. 

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