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Aesthetic Group Gymnastics
(7 yrs old & above)

Suitable for both recreational and competitive gymnasts


AGG (7 - 12 yrs old)

Children 8-10 Years / 10-12 Years program

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics emphasizes on flow, expression and aesthetic appeal. A group is usually formed between 4-10 gymnasts and is characterised by uniformity and simultaneity. Versatile and varied body movements such as body waves and swings, as well as acrobatic movements and dance steps are also included in the choreography.


AGG (13 yrs old & above)

Children 12-14 Years / Junior/ Senior program

While similar to the children's program, older gymnasts are expected to perform more combined series and also perform lifts in their choreography. The harmonious, rhythmic and dynamic movements flow together to create a story through expressive interpretation of music.

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