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Coach Felicia

Felicia started her coaching journey at DGA in 2015 after dedicating 12 years to Rhythmic Gymnastics as an athlete. In these 12 years, she joined the National Team and led her team as the Vice-Captain of Raffles Institution Gymnastics, clinching 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in her final year as a gymnast. She is currently an accredited National Level 2 Judge and has been judging at the annual National Championships, Singapore Open and National School Games since 2017.


Felicia is dedicated to improving her craft; constantly attending coaching courses and experimenting with new methodology and creative ideas to sustain the interest of her younger gymnasts (she is well-loved by the little ones)! Under the close guidance of Coach Cecilia, she has learned to manage classes independently and effectively.


Even after starting her full-time job upon graduation, Felicia spends a large portion of her time during the weekends at DGA to coach young gymnasts. She especially enjoys watching her gymnasts cultivate their interest in the sport and improve on their skills. She strongly believes that progress, whether fast or slow, big or small, should be celebrated. As long as consistent work is put into practice, a little progress each day leads to great results.

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