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Coach Glynnis

Glynnis started her rhythmic gymnastics journey at the age of 5. As a gymnast, she has competed both locally and internationally, clinching various awards. Amongst her various awards, competing in the Leap Challenge Cup by Son Yeon Jae in 2019 was the most memorable, as she clinched 5th Place in her rope routine. 

Upon starting this sport at a young age, she has gained many different experiences and insights that further motivates her to help gymnasts reach their fullest potential. 

She enjoys interacting with children and is also currently pursuing a diploma in early childhood development and education. Glynnis hopes to impart her knowledge and experiences in young gymnasts and hopes for them to enjoy this sport which cultivated great values and shaped her to who she is today. Lastly, she wishes to create a fun and enriching environment for all gymnasts and can’t wait to start this new journey with DGA!

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