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Coach Yi Ling

Yi Ling started off in Artistic Gymnastics for 6 years where she represented CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Primary in the National Inter-School Competition where she clinched 3rd Place in both the C-Division Novice Group (2006) and C-Division Optional Group (2007) to name a few.


Additionally, Yi Ling is also a versatile dancer that is trained in classical ballet, chinese and contemporary dance and was mentored under established dance instructors/choreographers such as Mr Low Ee Chiang, Mr Zaini Tahir, Ms Jacqueline Yap and Ms Naomi Tan. She has competed in several local and International dance competitions and clinched multiple awards, including Get The Beat Singapore, Starlight Dance Competition, Asia Arts Festival and many more. 

Apart from picking up Rhythmic Gymnastics at DGA, Yi Ling also ventured into Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in 2023 and successfully passed her AGG National Judging exams. Yi Ling is often described as a coach that is caring and loving towards her students and she hopes to inspire her gymnasts by constantly reminding them to take charge of their own learning and be proud of their achievements regardless big or small. As such, she was awarded the Outstanding Coach of the Year (Gymnastics for All) 2022 by Singapore Gymnastics. 

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