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Coach Tini

Tini is an ex-National Team Rhythmic Gymnast for 7 years, ranking Top 3 in Singapore from 2005-2013 and represented Singapore at local and international tournaments such as ASEAN School Games (Team 2nd), Angel Cup Malaysia (IAA 2nd) and Shoin Cup Japan (IAA 4th).


After completing her O Levels, she wanted to try coaching and was provided with the opportunity to assist in both schools and clubs. Eventually, she decided to pursue the path of becoming a coach and took on a Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management. While pursuing her diploma, a close coach of hers passed away. Remembering her coach to be strict yet fun and very motherly, Tini was inspired to be a coach just like her.


Upon completion of her diploma, Tini decided to officially begin her coaching journey with DGA and met many great gymnasts. Although there were many ups and downs, it has been a great learning experience to improve and become a better coach. Tini always reminds her students to encourage themselves by always saying "I can do it and I will try my best"! She strongly believes that with lots of practice, determination and perseverance, you can always achieve what you want in gymnastics and in life.

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